Tree Giants
Tree Giants

Indie dream pop duo Tree Giants has built a magnetic reputation among hip hop artists and fans and have been featured among artists such as Hollyn, Andy Mineo, and Social Club. After their early successes, including publishing deals with Capitol Records and a radio played single, Tree Giants listeners are spanning the genre's. 

After two-and-a-half years of writing, recording, and collaboration, they present fans with independently released EP, "Human," written and produced by band members Daniel Chrisman and Israel Hindman, alongside Grammy-award winning producer

Wit Shahbazian. The EP was released and available for purchase / download in February of 2018.

"Human" battles for the cleanest, brightest, most modern sounds that Tree Giants has yet to explore. Featuring four records including, Human, FIGHTER, Star Like a Movie, and Easy, the EP's radio single "Human" is a "juxtaposition of perfection and flaws. Within its electric atmosphere, you'll find yourself journeying away from a world of deterioration, and into a world as we all dream it might be. Bright. Clean. Inventive."

"Human" offers such opportunities for listeners to connect with the band through several outlets. As the song says, "even when the sun is set you're beautiful", be sure to post your best sunset photo, wherever you may live around the globe, with #sunisset.


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